Quality Focused. Masternode & Staking.


Block Explorer - A site to explore the transactions, block details, and other pertinent information related to the operation of the cryptocurrency. Every cryptocurrency should have one of these.

Block Height - The block height is the number of blocks connected together in the block chain. Height 0 for example refers to the very first block, called the “genesis block.”

Block Reward Schedule - This shows the distribution and amount of rewards(ROI) based on the current block height. The distribution varies based on the strategy of a cryptocurrency and is often split between PoW, PoS, masternodes.

Confirmation - A confirmation means that the coin transaction has been verified by the nodes on the network. The number of confirmations vary by cryptocurrency anywhere from 2 to 200 has been used. Confirmations make double spends and reversed transactions virtually impossible.

FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out) - An emotional response where an investor buys out of impatience because of irrational concerns of missing out on price or opportunity. Avoid this. Everyone has done this and can relate.

Staking - The act of participating in the consensus process for Proof of Stake(PoS) or Delegate Proof of Stake(dPoS) networks. Staking leads to minting which is similar to mining in Proof of Work(PoW). Staking generally has no minimum or maximum threshold to participate. 

Collateral - The minimum number of coins needed to run a specific masternode on a network. It is important to remember that masternodes can exist in both Proof of Work(PoW) and Proof of Stake(PoS) networks.

Halving - 50% block reward reduction for miners. This is based on the block schedule and makes coins for a cryptocurreny more scarce.

Privacy - The ability to perform anonymous and private transaction with a cryptocurrency. This a term often used in crypto but it is used broadly as a binary feature. The reality is that privacy features vary and most claims are not truly private. Please do research to understand the specifics of privacy features. All privacy isnt the same.

Private Key - A private key is a string that shows you have access to the coins in a specific wallet. Essentially a very long password making guessing difficult; Never reveal your private keys to anyone you don't trust 110%.

ROI - Return on Investment. The number of coins you get for staking or masternode rewards. This varies based on the number of nodes, coins and where the network is in the block reward schedule.

Roadmap - Communicates the long term strategy and vision for a cryptocurrency.

Table Stakes - Features that are not differentiators in the market. It is important to understand which features are not special and are minimum features required to even be considered an entry level cryptocurrency.