Quality Focused. Masternode & Staking.

Masternode QuickStart

  • Establish your budget and reason for buying a masternode.
  • Understand key terms and concepts(see other education links) related to masternodes and staking.
  • Ensure that the cryptocurrency meets our Masternode Table Stakes requirements. 
  • Focus less on the ROI, especially early on for any coin in the first 60 days
  • Research and engage with the communitity for that cryptocurrency via their engagement platforms(Discord, Telegram, Reddit, etc). 
  • Review the masternode setup guide provided by the team of that cryptocurrency. We strongly recommend a Cold Wallet VPS setup.
  • Acquire the stated collateral needed for a masternode via popular exchanges like CryptoBridge, CoinExchange, Stocks.Exchange, SouthExchange. DO NOT FOMO buy. Set your buy orders at lower levels and wait a few days for orders to be filled.
  • Setup a VPS(Virtual Private Server) to function as your masternode. Services like Vultr are great!
  • Each cryptocurrency will have masternode install guides linked from their website. Use those and follow them closely to get setup.
  • Most rewards normally take 48-72hrs for your initial reward so don't panic after one day.
  • Add your new masternode to free masternode monitoring tools: Masternodes.Online
  • The most important thing to remember is that masternodes are long term investments so focus less on price fluctuation and more on engaging with that community.
  • StakeAndNodes will soon offer a monthly subscription service that includes the following to cut down on research time:
    • Expert reviews on the community, technology, roadmap adherence and operations for cryptocurrencies to save you time.
    • Exclusive analytics dashboard to shape your portfolio based on expert reviews, live data points like weight price, weighted volume, node count, etc.
    • Rewards projection calculator for consoliding rewards into a new masternode.
    • Continuous tracking of information on cryptos with masternodes and staking.
    • Access to private Discord community to engage with other subscribers and professionals in cryptocurrency space.