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Coin Table Stakes

The cryptocurrency space is expanding everyday and more and more coins are joining the ecosystem. It is important that these coins which aim to acquire investors money and time meet a minimum standard. It is in our best interest to have a bare minimum bar for coins to meet to show good faith to the crypto community. As this space matures the bar will surely rise.

Below is our Table Stakes standard:

  • Clear communication of purpose/use base/utiltiy beyond being a masternode/coin
  • Roadmap which targets delivery date of use case within 12 months
  • Finished whitepaper or target date defined within 3 months for whitepaper delivery
  • Active Twitter or InvestFeed account
  • Established community forum(e.g. Discord, Telegram, Slack, private forum)
  • Governance functionality existing or planned within 6 months from genesis block
  • Non-technical roles within the community(e.g. social media, marketing, compliance)
  • Privacy(e.g. Zerocoin) beyond Dash clone functionality(e.g. PrivateSend) (if privacy coin)
  • Fully functional website
  • Masternode(if applicable) guides linked directly from the website
  • Genesis block occured more than 120 days ago due to many exist scams occuring within the first couple months

Coins that do not meet the Coin Table Stakes requirements likely appear on our JAM list until improvements are made.